TrueCut System – Part 3 – Rulers


It may seem like isn’t any way to improve on the standard quilting ruler.  TrueCut certainly found a way!  I seem to slip a lot when cutting fabric.  Often I score the ruler which makes slipping happen more often, or worse, I cut the fabric in a way I didn’t want.  That wastes time and fabric!

TrueCut’s new rotary cutters now come with a groove that fits into the raised edge of their ruler.

The new TrueCut rulers
Check out the raised edge on the ruler. The groove on the cutter is guided by this edge for a great cut.

The rulers are made with a high quality plastic and make cutting easy even if you are using a different kind of cutter.

One problem remains… slipping.  For our last TrueCut post, we’ll check out the new  TrueCut TrueGrips.

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