The Travel bag in 5 days challenge!


I need to make a new bag for Michael (our travelling bead hunter) before he leaves to go back to India in 5 days!

The fabric has been chosen.  It is a heavy weight denim that stands up well to wear and tear,  a heavy duty lighter fabric for the inside and some black and green fabric for the secret pocket!

mike bag 1


I have to even up the bottom edge and I can start measuring.  I took a break to write this and make final calculations, then off I go!


mike bag  2


I like getting the front pocket done at the beginning.  Any changes to size generally happen due to shifting from this pieces.  I cut the large front piece,  then fold, press and stitch each side.  Then sew the zipper on, then sew the whole front piece to the main front piece by the zipper.


mike bag 4mike bag 3

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