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    I’m on the 3rd reveal, I’m partecipating for the 3rd time on BSBP
    I love the design of this necklace, great work 🙂
    ciao dall’ Italia

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    I love what you made with your delicious soup. Your beaded beads are beatifully made and really compliment the piece!

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    I love the colour of your soup – just like mine! Your silverwork complements the piece nicely – very clever!

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    The silver wrapping treatmenet of the focal is genious, allowing it to move is my favorite part. nice.

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    Your soup is beautiful… Love the colors and I enjoyed your beaded design from your stash! Fun soup! 🙂 Kris

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    The bead soup was lovely but you’ve added more beauty to it. I love the beaded beads, the wire wrapping around the pendant and the clasp. Great work you’ve done!

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    I like all the wire wrapping you did. The turquoise with the silver wire is always a very nice combo.
    Great work

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    I love turquoise and the design is awesome. I tried to make beaded beads a few times but could never get them to then bead stage! You have great talent!

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    I love the beaded beads you have added! The necklace is gorgeous – something I would wear for sure 🙂
    I am so happy with both your result and mine – and with getting to know you!

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      I actually wore it yesterday! I really enjoyed the Bead Soup Blog party experience! 2 more reveal dates to come! I love seeing what everyone has done with their soups!

  10. laney - Izzybeads
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    Beautiful necklace, I love that turquoise.

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    Isn’t it nice when your soup practically designs itself 🙂 All you have to do is listen! By the looks of it – you did! Nicely done!

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    your beaded beads are the perfect adition to the components of the bead soup. I love the finished design. Great work!

  13. Robin Kae Reed
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    I really love the wire work you did not the pendant!!! So Pretty. The necklace is lovely and has wonderful texture and movement! Have a Blessed day!

  14. Bobbie Rafferty
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    Very pretty! Good for you for realizing that simple yet elegant was the best way to showcase the beautifully wireworked pendant — your beaded beads were the perfect touch. Is there a photo that shows the entire necklace?

  15. Kathy Lindemer
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    A beautiful necklace! Your seed bead work is a wonderful addition to it.

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    Your wirework is outstanding! Love the turquoise beads with the silver wire–and the added texture of your beaded beads.

  17. Patty Johnson
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    Your wire work is really nice..love the beaded beads…fantastic job with your soup!

  18. sam
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    Gorgeous wire work and beading,,it all looks so nice with the beads you were sent.

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    It may feel like you had little to do to get this necklace to come together, but it looks more like you were inspired by the soup to created something beautiful. I adore your turquoise beaded beads, the texture of them is so very appealing. Great job! 🙂

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