So TrueCut came up with a great cutter, a way to sharpen your blades and great rulers.  The final piece is to keep your ruler from slipping all over your fabric. So they came up with TrueCut TrueGrips.  They work on any ruler, but are a great addition to their new line of rulers. Just stick on […]

It may seem like isn’t any way to improve on the standard quilting ruler.  TrueCut certainly found a way!  I seem to slip a lot when cutting fabric.  Often I score the ruler which makes slipping happen more often, or worse, I cut the fabric in a way I didn’t want.  That wastes time and […]

If you do a lot of crafting, chances are good you have a rotary cutter.  They are great for quilters who have to make the same cut again and again with great precision.  The big cost with a good rotary cutter is the cost of replacing the blades. TrueCut came up with 2 blade sharpening […]

I got to try this system at the Craft & Hobby Association show in Toronto recently.  We bought it for the shop immediately! I have a traditional rotary cutter at home, and use it all the time for fabric.  It is so much faster than cutting with scissors and you get a much more accurate […]