November 2012

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  Our fabulous giveaway robot has called the winners! Robyn has won our great Beading Pack, Gillian has won the lovely necklace and matching earrings and Nicole has won the wonderful sewing pack! Congrats to all the winners, an email is going out for you to let you know. a Rafflecopter giveaway

So I spent the whole day getting to know my machine.  It was a love hate relationship, and nothing seemed to go right at first. I first chose my pattern from Urban Threads.  I love their stuff!  I chose an 8 color cherry blossom tree. I got all set up.  I ironed on my stabilizer, and […]

We are carrying the full line of the solid DMC. We got our inventory from Emeline & Annabelle’s close out sale. We are sorting through and taking inventory to make sure we know how many of each thread we have. It is a big project with 454 solid colours! Here is a picture of about […]

We are finally launching tonight! That’s right. Tonight at Midnight, the store is finally open for business. To celebrate, we are offering 20% off for the whole weekend! Just enter coupon code 20THANKS when checking out and save!  Some items in the store are unique, and once they sell out we won’t be able to […]

So TrueCut came up with a great cutter, a way to sharpen your blades and great rulers.  The final piece is to keep your ruler from slipping all over your fabric. So they came up with TrueCut TrueGrips.  They work on any ruler, but are a great addition to their new line of rulers. Just stick on […]